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Pisces Man – Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

The nature of a Pisces man is such that he has vivid imagination and he always strives to reach his goals. The nature of a Sagittarius woman is also very similar to that of a Pisces man.

The other positive similarities that they have include attraction towards a life which will not have any restrictions. The generous nature will also be the similar thing that both of them have between them. Such similarities of their nature will greatly help them to build compatibility between them.

The thing that can possibly create problems in their relation is that a Pisces man is of passive nature while a Sagittarius woman is of very active personality. After some time it can happen that a Sagittarius woman starts to get bored because of the passive nature of a Pisces man. Feeling of insecurity can develop in a Pisces man because of the demands for more freedom placed by a Sagittarius woman in their relationship.

While indecisive nature of a Pisces man will put off a Sagittarius woman, the lack of softness in conversations of a Sagittarius woman will also create problems in the relationship. It can be easily figured out that there are many problems in this relationship for a Pisces man and Sagittarius woman to solve and it will require great amount of effort to make the relationship work and last.

By trying to understand the personality of their partner and adapting to it they can make improvements and let the relationship grow and develop.

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Pisces Woman – Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Pisces woman are people with vivid imagination and always try to achieve their dreams. The same can also be said about a Sagittarius man. Both share other similar features such as they want a life which would be without any restrictions and are generous by nature also. Being romantic & idealistic is also part of their character. These common features of their character will have great positive effect on developing compatibility.

A Pisces woman has a passive nature while on the other hand a Sagittarius man remains active always and is full of energy. After a while it can happen that this passive nature of a Pisces woman will start to irritate a Sagittarius. Similarly a Pisces woman are sensitive by nature and can feel hurt if a Sagittarius man uses harsh language to talk to her. The desire of a Sagittarius man to have greater freedom in the relationship will be a point of concern for a Pisces woman and she can start to feel insecure because of it.

The negative thing in a Pisces woman that a Sagittarius will not like is her indecisive nature. Pisces woman want that there should be softness in any conversation which she will not find in a Sagittarius man while conversing with him.

As it is clear from the above mentioned points that a relationship will be hard to develop between a Pisces woman and a Sagittarius man and there is very low compatibility as there are too many differences in their character.

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