Zodiac Compatibility

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In order to allow individuals to take an amazing look at various aspects of family, friendship and romantic relationships, specific reports are generated based on zodiac sign meanings by going through Zodiac Compatibility. To determine how two people with varying characters and habits would be influenced by each other, the various traits of zodiac signs are considered during such compatibilities. For individuals to get along well and become devoted towards their relationships and associations these compatibilities can prove to be really helpful.

If you want to read about your sign’s compatibility, you can use the menus on the right or below that take you directly to the compatibility page of a particular sign.

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Zodiac compatibility actually became a part of astrology after a considerable period of time. Astrology is in fact not completely about horoscopes at all. Nonetheless when the need of understanding the relationships of people arose then horoscope compatibility also emerged within astrology as well. Ever since then this principle has helped in determining the traits of a person’s personality, their needs, their basic nature and these factors affect their personal life, their relationships and their career. It has even helped in determining various other intricate details regarding a person’s behavior.

Today, personal and professional compatibility seems to be a must in any relationship. Compatibility is especially expected within the most complicated levels of personal associations. This is the reason that men and women look for suggestions whenever they are in search of specific factors regarding emotional bonds. Zodiac compatibility seems to be a very clever evaluation of the compatibility markets of people unlike the usual ones which people seem to be aware of.

Facets of astrology such as the sun signs, twelve zodiac influences, moon signs, ten planetary influences and various other factors help in determining the zodiac compatibility of two people. These are the basics of the process of determining compatibility in which the astrologer seems quite familiar with but which seem to be unknown to the average person.

Every zodiac sign is matched with one of the four elements; air, water, fire and earth. On the basis of this match, the twelve signs are then divided among these elements. Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are the air signs, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are the water signs, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are the fire signs, and Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are the earth signs.

The behavior of every person with a specific sun sign is influenced by each of these elements. Traits such as dreaminess, thinking and brimming with ideas are associated with people with air signs. Traits such as moodiness, emotion, creativity and a strong intuition are associated with people with the water signs. Traits such as creativity, aggressiveness, high energy and passion are associated with people with the fire signs. Level-headedness, materialism, a realistic approach to life and being down to earth, are associated with people with the earth signs.

When discovering the elements that influence the signs of people, it is also good to know that their behavior is also affected by these elements. Zodiac compatibility then helps in determining what happens next.

To determine the compatibility between two individuals it often takes quite a lot of common sense as well.

Fire is nurtured by Air – Creative people with the fire sign can be encouraged by those with the air sign who are dreamers.

Air blows the Earth – The practicalities of people with the earth sign can be discouraged or blown away by the people with the air sign.

Air flows over Water – When the water sign is dominated by the air sign, the relationship is actually unbalanced.

Water and Earth douses Fire – The aggressiveness of the fire sign can be tamed by the sensibility of the earth sign and the intuitive nature of the water sign.

Since people with water signs are both equally moody, thus a relationship between these two signs can be intensely emotional.

There can be a clash of dreams, thinking or ideas when two air signs meet.

A highly aggressive or passionate relationship is possible between two fire signs.

A stable relationship can be maintained or can even shift towards monotony between two earth signs.

In zodiac compatibility there are quite a lot of other interesting combinations. In order to determine whether two people would indeed be compatible with each other, quite a lot of factors need to be considered to provide a final and accurate decision.